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more details soon…

bowling 2.0 kicks off tonight!!!

Posted July 10th, 2006 by Vinnie Lauria who is: My Meetro Online Status

Photo courtesy of Joanne Wan
Web 2.0 has been officially kick’d to the next level. Tonight is the *official* kickoff of bowling 2.0. We have 12 teams represented by over 15 two-dot-ohh companies. (In this web 2.0 space, many companies don’t even have 4 folks at them ;)
If you’re in and around Palo Alto, feel free to come watch and cheer your favorite web2.0 company on.

Palo Alto Bowl
4329 El Camino Real
Palo Alto, CA 94306

Photo courtesy of Joanne Wan

Last week was the bowling2.0 kick off party. We had 10 of the 12 teams show up to mingle, drink, ask questions, knock down a few pins, and drink some more. We had a number of spectators show up, including some google interns.

Note: Photos courtesy of Joanne Wan of


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Some Favorites

Mostly taken by Will, Joanne, Angie, or Vinnie




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12 Teams


  • Vinnie Lauria [capt'n]
  • Antonis Proios
  • Kagan Unaldi
  • Paul Bragiel
  • Samuel Stauffer


  • Matt O’Neill [capt'n]
  • Susan
  • Marisa
  • ?


  • Matt Hehman ‘He-Man’ [capt'n]
  • Nick Heyman ‘Nick’
  • Teddy Underwood ‘Old Man Teddy’
  • Kevin Colleran ‘KevCol’
  • Meagan Marks ‘Meagan’
  • Jon Warman ‘My Little Pony’
  • Areg Maghakian ‘Areg’
  • Yishan Wong ‘CraZn’
  • Becca Sawyer ‘Spare Slut Sawyer’


  • Gretchen Curtis ‘Gret’ [capt'n]
  • Geoffrey Arone ‘Fredo’
  • Will Tschumy
  • Cindy Tschumy
  • Lloyd Budd ‘foolswisdom’
  • Julia Budd
  • Mike Curtis

#5, &

  • Drew [capt'n 3bubbles]
  • Mark Mansouri ‘Snuggles’
  • Joanne Wan [capt'n stirr]
  • Sanford Barr
  • Sean Ness


  • David Weekly [capt'n]
  • Nathan Schmidt
  • Ramit Sethi
  • Darren Allarde


  • Jeff Reine [capt'n]
  • Jed Clevenger
  • Sara Gorman


  • Erik Langner [capt'n]
  • Julia French
  • Alex McClintock
  • Ross Mayfield

#9, Women 2.0

#10, Veeceebo

  • Timmy C, Tim Chang, Gabriel Venture Partners [capt'n]
  • Alexa Zhang, Omidyar Networks
  • Baris Karadogan, USVP
  • Christian Borcher, Cardinal VC
  • Shawn Carolan, Menlo Ventures
  • Tom Cole, Trinity Ventures
  • Striker
  • Matthew Fix ‘Fix’, Intel


  • Matt Sanchez ‘Sr. Juevos’ [capt'n]
  • Joe Hurd ‘Hurdle’
  • Joe Johnston ‘Prince Albert’
  • Nat Turner ‘The Intern’
  • Derek Dukes ‘D-Rock’
  • Kevin Sladek ‘Egg Man’
  • Lauren Rogers ‘Eggette’

#12, – Money Intelligence

  • Aaron Patzer [catp'n]
  • Matt Snider
  • ?
  • ?


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They’re here…

We removed the handicap from the league, so the old rankings are OUTTA here!!! Click the pics below for a larger file.



Rankings as of week 4 [Aug 7, 2006]

  • #1 – [7 wins, 1 loss]
  • #2 – [5 wins, 3 losses] (currently tied with flock)
  • #3 – [5 wins, 3 losses] (currently tied with meetro)
  • #4 – [5 wins, 1 loss]
  • #5 – VeeCeebo [5 wins, 3 losses]
  • #6 – [4 wins, 4 losses]
  • #7 – [4.5 wins, 3.5 losses] (how you get a half I have no idea)
  • #8 – [3 wins, 5 losses]
  • #9 – [3 wins, 5 losses]
  • #10 – [2.5 wins, 5.5 losses] (what’s up with these 1/2 points???)
  • #11 – & [2 wins, 6 losses]
  • #12 – women 2.0 [0 wins, 8 losses] (come on now, is the sterotype really being fulfilled?)


If you would like to run some of your own stats, feel free to play around with this spreadsheet that Dan Bragiel put together:
* bowlinginfo.xls


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‘Why’ is a very good question, other then a shrug of the shoulders and a ‘why not’ response, bowling 2.0 grew out of a half joke between members of the meetro team. Being that meetro is social software that encourages people to meet in the real world, and we here at meetro are always looking for a good reason to throw a party, we were brainstorming some ideas of events to throw around silicon valley.

There are too many events that are heavy on the professional and networking side, but not many events where people just hang out, drink a few beers, and trash talk the competition. We started tossing around ideas of competitive sports, but quickly threw that idea out as we figured most geeks aren’t too physical! Then a joke came out… “Why not bowling?” After we all had a few good laughs, we said, wait a minute, bowling would be kinda cool… After all, it’s a sport, it’s competitive, beer pitchers are of the plenty, and it’s completely ironic to have all these high tech companies hanging out in such a low-fi atmosphere. Half the bowling machines look like they were produced before the Atari was invented!

So we thought about the idea a little more and decided we needed to make this happen. We reached out to a few companies and ppl really bit into it. We started talking to bowling alleys to see what was required to start a league. Heck, most of us here at meetro hadn’t bowled more then a dozen times in our life. For some, the last time they bowled was at a friends 6th grade birthday party.

We sent out a few emails and everybody was really excited on the idea. So we reached out to a few more companies, and they were excited about the idea as well. Then it was picked up on valleywag and interest exploded, we had to start turning companies away!

And that’s how bowling 2.0 started.

- Vinnie

Palo Alto Bowl
4329 El Camino Real
Palo Alto, CA 94306
(650) 948-1031

Every Monday night, 7pm – … (games 7-9, retire to the alley lounge afterwards)

Who: 12 Teams (team #, team name)


  • paul Paul Bragiel
    email: paul -at- bowling20 -dot- net


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PBwiki is the web’s leading wiki host – nearly 100,000 wikis are hosted with us! We believe in simplicity, speed, and profitability. Since we only have three fulltime employees, we’ve enlisted the help of our part-time support crew and advisors to help us keep the team rounded out. :)


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Company page.


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Flock is a free web browser that makes it easier than ever to share photos, stay up-to-date with news from your favorite sites, and search the Web.

Flock Bowling 2.0 Team Members

Geoffrey “Fredo” Arone

Geoffrey Arone

Will T

Will Tschumy


Gretchen Curtis

Lloyd (aka Foolswisdom)

Lloyd Budd


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Company page.


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Meetro is location-aware social messenger, it allows you to meet new people, right now, who are nearby.

We’re friendly outgoing folks over here and figure we should try to use technology to encourage meeting ppl in the real-world, rather then just continuing down this virtual communications path. While the internet is great for communicating, there’s still something about meeting face to face that you miss out on over the web – whether that be for a chat over coffee, meeting a new friend, a business lunch, or throwing back a few beers over a bowling game.

The company started in Chicago and moved out to Palo Alto at the end of 2005. We’re having a lot of fun building a social network that encourages folks to meet new people. Meetro is completely photo and profile based. Rather then seeing boring handles, you see people’s pictures along with their complete profile and their friends (so you know if you’re connected to them.)

Check out our client, it don’t cost nothing… As as soon as you sign on, you’ll have the ability to start talking to people right now. Including us here at the Meetro HQ. We’re on everybodys buddy list to help you out if you have any questions or listen to any feedback you want to throw our way.

Bowling 2.0

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In light of all the web 2.0 startups out here in the valley, it’s only appropriate that we kick this tech space to the next level… We here at Meetro have started bowling 2.0. This will be a no holds bars league of startup pinned against startup. We have 12 companies rounded up in the web 2.0 space.

ghetto bowling pin

On the web, trash talk is easy – leave a few nasty comments on techcrunch and move on. In the real-world, it’s a little more difficult. Try telling a9 they have no chance of picking up the 7-10 split and they’ll come back to you with a beer in one hand and a shakin’ fist in the other…

The league officially kicks off next Monday right here in the heart of Silicon Valley, Palo Alto Bowl. We’re throwing a kickoff party on Wednesday to introduce all the teams to each other. If you want to cheer a team on, come check out the first party.
Who’s gonna come out ahead in this league? I dunno, but we’ll be keeping stats, so check back often. Now it’s time for me to go practice my No Drive No Five’s.

email follow-up

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Bowling 2.0

Welcome interested bowlers. Are you getting pumped to show yourself out there on the lanes? Have you been practicing hitting down that double wood? Are you ready to throw back a few cold ones while playing a nationally accredited ‘sport!’

What better place to start the Bowling 2-dot-ohh phenomenon then in the heart of Silicon Valley at Palo Alto Bowl!

I’m following up with a few more companies, I’m looking to hit a 10 team league. So if you want to pass this along to other folks, let them know the list might be full, but they can check in with me.

The league will go for 8 weeks with each team bowling at least once a week (preferably on the same night.) If there are any blackout weekdays/dates, please let me know.

Vinnie ‘fast eights‘ Lauria

where it all started…

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Is that the smell of bowling shoes and varnished floors I smell in the air?

bowling alley
I think so… we’re starting a little web2.0/startup bowling league out here in the valley. We looking for some friendly competition, and who knows, maybe some cash prizes to go along with bragging rights.

So do you think your team has got what it takes? Meetro has been staffing bowling ringers for months now preparing for this moment. This would be a weekly league, with teams around 4 ppl (all teams should be the same size.) Typical leagues run 10 weeks, but that might be too much commitment for some (hell, startups live and die in that about of time.)

So if you think you’re company is interested, please send me a note. Details to follow.

Feel free to pass this on to other companies, but I may have to close off the invite list at some point.

I haven’t even mentioned the best part…. Bowling shirts with your name and company logo… Now you can finally fit in with that hip swingers crowd.

bowling shirt

Vinnie Lauria
Meetro HQ