Socialtext steals #1

Monday’s night games were a great match up. We had Women 2.0 vs. 3bubbles&stirr dueling it out on lanes with bumpers (since they were in the last two slots ;)

The first half of the night was a position round for all the teams. The second half of the night had the top two teams dueling it out in front of a crowd of 60 people cheering on one of two teams. We even had a news station there capturing all this on video.

It was quite the upset, just a few weeks ago, Socialtext was hanging around 4th place. In the past 3 weeks, they’ve pulled out all the stops to bring their standing into 2nd with the start of the finals. it was a social network vs. wiki challenge, who would win?

Well, the wiki seems to have kicked ass and taken names. Socialtext came from behind to beat facebook and steal the bowling 2.0 title.

bowling 2.0 Final Rankings:
#1 – Socialtext
#2 – Facebook
#3 – Meetro

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