a9 takes #1, Tortelano is proud…

Mercury News article

a9 takes the lead and veeceebo is trailing in 12th, you would think we ranked the teams alphabetically…..

So we had a mention in the Mecury News today where a number of teams were profiled. However, at the time of publishing, they seemed to have made an error with my name, calling me Vinnie “Tortelano” which is pretty far off from “Lauria” but at least it still falls into the same ethnic pool ;)

Another name mistake takes the cake though, pbwiki’s name is displayed on the alley boards. The alley mistook their company name for pbwili.com! There’s no domain there yet, but I have a few thoughts on an interesting web2.0 site that could fill pbwili with more then just P&B.

Ohh, and the stats from week #1 are up.

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