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The premier product-review site for beauty and health products,
TheMintPages lets users exchange honest reviews, hot tips, and cool
trends with the best experts around: real people!

From shampoo to eyeshadow, beauty product experiences are unique to every woman. Traditional sources of such information, such as magazines and mass media, are unreliable and not impartial. TheMintPages, on the other hand, is a neutral forum that provides personalized product reviews for those seeking honest recommendations from trusted users, a haven from the insidious motives of corporate self-interest. TheMintPages also allows women to seek out similar users with whom they can share and receive much-needed, much-desired beauty product info.

We are looking for an advisor in the beauty industry, for example the
VP of Marketing for Sephora or the beauty editor of a popular magazine
for young women. Please drop a line if you
have any leads. Thank you!

That’s right, we have a Flickr group called “What’s in your makeup bag” where you can share the contents of your makeup bag with the rest of the world! Simply take a picture of your stuff whether it’s gathered ’round the sink or laid out on a table, upload it to Flickr, comment on the items in your bag, and add it to the group pool!

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