Meetro is location-aware social messenger, it allows you to meet new people, right now, who are nearby.

We’re friendly outgoing folks over here and figure we should try to use technology to encourage meeting ppl in the real-world, rather then just continuing down this virtual communications path. While the internet is great for communicating, there’s still something about meeting face to face that you miss out on over the web – whether that be for a chat over coffee, meeting a new friend, a business lunch, or throwing back a few beers over a bowling game.

The company started in Chicago and moved out to Palo Alto at the end of 2005. We’re having a lot of fun building a social network that encourages folks to meet new people. Meetro is completely photo and profile based. Rather then seeing boring handles, you see people’s pictures along with their complete profile and their friends (so you know if you’re connected to them.)

Check out our client, it don’t cost nothing… As as soon as you sign on, you’ll have the ability to start talking to people right now. Including us here at the Meetro HQ. We’re on everybodys buddy list to help you out if you have any questions or listen to any feedback you want to throw our way.

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