Bowling 2.0

In light of all the web 2.0 startups out here in the valley, it’s only appropriate that we kick this tech space to the next level… We here at Meetro have started bowling 2.0. This will be a no holds bars league of startup pinned against startup. We have 12 companies rounded up in the web 2.0 space.

ghetto bowling pin

On the web, trash talk is easy – leave a few nasty comments on techcrunch and move on. In the real-world, it’s a little more difficult. Try telling a9 they have no chance of picking up the 7-10 split and they’ll come back to you with a beer in one hand and a shakin’ fist in the other…

The league officially kicks off next Monday right here in the heart of Silicon Valley, Palo Alto Bowl. We’re throwing a kickoff party on Wednesday to introduce all the teams to each other. If you want to cheer a team on, come check out the first party.
Who’s gonna come out ahead in this league? I dunno, but we’ll be keeping stats, so check back often. Now it’s time for me to go practice my No Drive No Five’s.

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2 Comments on “Bowling 2.0”

  1. Matt Says:

    Great idea, this site–is one person from each team going to get authoring rights?

  2. vincent.lauria Says:

    yep, you’ll have your own page to do whatever you’d like.